Teaching – Challenges with Rewards

Teachers have one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs that exist.  As the diversity of our schools increases it is imperative that we have the latest research and tools to meet the needs of our students.  Information in research journals and from curriculum specialists abounds and it is not possible to take it all in as we work to craft instruction and meet multiple demands upon us.  This store is meant to be a place where you can not only quickly find flexible tools for teaching English language learners either in a heterogeneous or an ESL-only setting but a source for educating yourself about the best ways research says to help students acquire a second language. 

Begin by letting your mouse arrow hover over the research icons so that you can read simple descriptions of how students best acquire a second language.  Stay posted and search past blog posts to educate yourself little by little.  Thanks for reading!

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Scott Shoemate
Scott Shoemate



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