Websites Offering Learning Activities for Young ELs


The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition has published a list of websites with younger ELs in mind.

Websites Offering Learning Activities for Young ELs

  • language games, songs, and stories

  • activities to learn numbers, colors, shapes, reading and writing letters and words

  • reading instruction and reading games

  • language-related activities and stories

  • stories and language-learning activities

  • a variety of reading, writing, and learning activities

  • learning activities to prepare children for school

  • stories read by actors from the ScreenActors' Guild.

  • reading and writing activities

  • science content from Houghton Mifflin Science Series 


    (Source:, Winter 2012 Issue of AccELLerate!)

Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen


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