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Take A Stand: Prior to the start of the lesson, post 5 cards evenly spaced along one of the classroom walls with the following words in large print, in this order: "strongly disagree", "disagree", "neutral", "agree", "strongly agree." After having a class discussion about one of the discussion starters, the teacher creates a statement that sums up a major issue related to the topic. For example, for "What kind of grading system should be in school?" the teacher could write on the board: There should be no letter grades in school. Then direct students to stand under the sign, creating a straight line, that most closely matches their opinion about the statement. Next, the teacher can ask a representative to explain why they are standing in the line. Students may change their mind and move if they can give you 2 reasons why they are moving. The lines can debate with one another, create position statements etc. The opinions can be graphed as a bar graph on the board and then results analyzed orally.

12 years and up

Scott Shoemate
Scott Shoemate



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