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Key Vocabulary Bingo: On the spinner, write 8-16 key vocabulary words that you have already introduced to students (you can write the same word multiple times in each "wedge"). List the key words on the board and ask the students to write the word or a picture symbol for it in any order they like on their cards. Next, spin the spinner, direct students to choral read the word spun, a vounteer creates a sentence using the word, and then students cover the squares they have with word or symbol until they have 5 across, picture frame, or "blackout."

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Scott Shoemate
Scott Shoemate



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February 09, 2013

I agree with Breanna, cirriculum so stdeaardiznd that those who speak and/or are learning English as a second language fall through the cracks. Cirriculum is based on the mainstream culture and language so those who are don’t follow the mainstream culture are constantly playing catch-up and perform poorly on the stdeaardiznd tests, like the MAP, giving them the label of slow or unteachable or they perform well enough to just get by. Cirriculum needs to be adjusted to allow each student the opportunity to succeed and feel successful. School districts and state education departments need to take into consideration that the students in the classrooms may not be familiar with the concepts being taught. The Cirriculum does not need to be dumbed down so to speak, rather, time needs to be taken to teach those who are struggeling to learn the ways and language of the dominant culture the concepts of that culture and the concept at hand.

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