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Gallery Walk: Choose 5-7 flashcards that relate to the topic of study. Tape one each to the top of a chart paper, sheet of butcher paper or, a large piece of paper. Post the charts evenly-spaced on the walls around the room at eye-level for the students. Direct an equal number of students to stand under each poster with one marker for the recorder. Tell each group to add ideas, drawings, words, and questions to the chart that relate to the word card. (This open-ended format allows for students to self-differentiate to their level of understanding.) After students have exhausted all of their ideas, flash the lights indicating that the groups should move to the next chart, read what is there, and add additional ideas. Continue until groups have returned to their original poster. They can now circle and report on the 3-5 most important ideas to the whole class.

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Scott Shoemate



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February 09, 2013

I believe that scloohs are primarily concerned with the general mainstream population of students because that is the majority of the school’s population. To keep scores up and continue to receive funding it seems logical to target the largest amount of students possible. Unfortunately this leaves other ELL students behind. It is a problem much larger than the actual classroom teacher can handle. The issues go beyond their power because they are guided on what they can and cannot cover in their classrooms. I think these students need teachers that can communicate with them in helping them learn how to learn in English school settings. The more help these students receive the easier it will be for them. I believe that scloohs really need to start considering them more because ELL students are a growing population who are very intelligent and could become another great asset to their scloohs.

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