Charades for Key Vocabulary


Play charades with key content vocabulary! Students choose from a list of words you've created.  Go over the following signal clues that can be used during play: 

Number of syllables in the word: Lay your fingers on your arm.

Which syllable you are working on: Lay which number (with your fingers) you are working on on your arm again.

Length of word: Make a "short" or "long" length between your two index fingers.

The whole idea: Sweep your arms open.

You got the answer: put your finger on your nose and point at the person.

To show something that sounds like the syllable or word: Cup your hand behind your ear.

If the answer is plural, link your pinky fingers.

To indicate past tense: wave your hand behind your back.

Alternatives & Extensions: List a topic to help guide students in their guesses.  Make a list of possible words on the board for younger students.  For older students, choose titles of books you have read as a class.  For an extra challenge, act out mathematical equations or scientific properties.  Have students work in pairs or small groups to act out words, titles, concepts etc.

Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen


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