Two Truths and a Lie with Topic Twist


Tip: Two Truths and a Lie with Topic Twist

Make a spinner or buy one that lists topics you've been studying (e.g. colors, numbers, famous people, greetings, anatomy, water cycle, etc.)  Spin the spinner and have small groups of students make 3 sentences (2 that are true and 1 that is a lie) for the topic spun.  Groups read or display on whiteboards their sentences and the class guesses which sentence is a lie.  Repeat.

Variations & Extensions
Small groups trade papers and circle the lie; give 3 points to groups who guess the lie and 1 point for groups who identify a truth correctly; winning group picks the next topic or can pass for a turn.

Common Core ELA Reading Standard 8
Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, including the validity of the reasoning as well as the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence.

Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen


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