Vocabulary Question Cube


Tip: Vocabulary Question Cube

How do I do it?
Use a write-on/wipe off die or blank card stock cube (find a blank template here).  Write questions or prompts on each face of the cube to help students practice key vocabulary.  For example:  Use the word in a sentence; This word means...; You could find this word...; What part of speech is the word? What is a similar word? The word makes me think of... etc. Pairs or a small group takes turns rolling the dice and responding to the question rolled for a list of words or a word card they’ve drawn from words cards on index cards.

Variations & Extensions
Add a timer to see how quickly a small groups can all roll and answer one question each about a vocabulary word.  Direct individuals or one person to record the answers to the questions rolled to make it a speaking, listening, and writing activity.  Other options include: What’s an action for the word?; Rhymes with? etc.  Include picture icons to represent the questions for each side for speakers new to the language.  Or use picture cards instead of index cards for the key vocabulary.

Common Core ELA Speaking and Listening Standard 2
Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

Common Core ELA Language Standard 3
Apply knowledge of language to understand how language functions in different contexts, to make effective choices for meaning or style, and to comprehend more fully when reading or listening.

Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen


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February 09, 2013

My ideal reading log would iclnude a bar code scanner, so that I could just scan the barcode of the books we were reading and had checked out from the library (or were about to loan out to a friend) and then download the information and save me a lot of time typing in all the related information! It would also be flexible enough to assign the book to multiple students, and not be pegged to a specific school year; I might use a specific library of books across many school years. I might also want to tag the book as related to a specific topic or theme, so that when I taught it again in the future, I need only search for History, Ancient Greek and come up with all the literature we used for that before and not have to re-research it.A large note field would be great, in case I came up with any brilliant discussion questions the first time around, or wished to share them with others or any related assignments relevant to the book.

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