About Us

One of Dr. Gallagher-Geurtsen's loves is creating classroom curriculum for bilingual students.  One evening, after weeks of work on a project to develop games to help language learners, she was up late creating a game she had dreamed up to help students discuss stories they had read.  As she was working out the spinner for the game, she stopped, looked up, and said (to no one in particular), "What am I doing?  There are millions of games out there just like this - but teachers don't have the time to look for them.  If I could gather the best of them all in one place, teachers could easily get what they need."  Given Dr. Gallagher-Geurtsen is pretty much the 'Type A' type, she wanted to make sure that she vetted all of the materials to assure they were based in solid language learning research.  She also insisted that we give research-based ideas away for free.  As a former classroom teacher, she felt this was only right.  And EveryLanguageLearner.com was born.

Thanks for visiting and more importantly, thank you for being a hero - because every teacher is a hero!

Everyday ELL is now Every Language Learner.