FAQ for Downloading an e-book

If you want to read the book on your computer:

1) Download Adobe Digital Editions onto your computer first.  It is a free e-reader program.  You can find it at: Adobe Digital Editions
2) Download the ePub e-book onto your computer.
3) Open the e-book from Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) by adding it to your library or right clicking on the e-book and opening it with ADE.

If you want to read the book on your iPad:

1) Download the e-book onto your computer.
2) Drag the file into iTunes in the “Books” section.
3) Plug in your iPad to your computer.  Make sure the the iBooks application is open on your iPad.
4) Sync your iPad and computer (they normally automatically sync.)

If you need help with another device, please refer to the device’s technical specifications or help features.  Most every device reads ePub books.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact Scott: scott@everydayell.com

Thank you.

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