5th Grade Poetry: A Sheltered Instructional Unit for English Language Learners (Downloadable pdf)

5th Grade Poetry Unit with sheltered instructional strategies for classrooms with English Learners with a visual dictionary, hands-on activities, aligned with CCSS, and more! Welcome! I hope you enjoy these activities with your students. The following ten lessons, while they are great for all students, are designed with English Language Learners (ELLs) in mind. Intertwined in the lessons, you will find many evidence-based techniques that have been proven successful with students learning a new language. These techniques include scaffolding, think-alouds, enlarged texts, partner activities, vocabulary study, peer-editing, sentence frames and more. The lessons are directly aligned with the Common Core State Standards and include many hands-on, creative activities to engage your students and help them discover a love for poetry! At the end of the unit, there is a publishing party that the students will love! Introduce it at the beginning of the unit and explain what it involves to start building up the excitement for this culminating activity! This unit should take about 3 full weeks to complete, though you may find it takes more time based on the needs of your class. Have fun!

Before starting this unit….
Students who are learning English need special supports to understand the language of each lesson, be it reading, writing, listening, or speaking. In order for you to be confident you are making sense to your English Learners, you will need to use sheltering strategies that will allow English learners to participate in lessons and learn content alongside their native English-speaking peers. It takes English learners 7-10 years of learning English for them to achieve grade-level with their English speaking peers. The special strategies embedded in these lessons will assist all of your students in making sense of the lessons, but are indispensable to ensuring your English learners will participate fully in classroom learning in English.

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Teaching Duration 3 Weeks

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