Add Attack Game: Addition, Subtraction, Patterns, Communication

Using hands-on materials helps English learners so that they can connect abstract concepts (e.g. 3 + 4=7) with concrete experiences (e.g. making a pile of 3 cubes and a pile of 4 cubes and adding them up to 7).  Hands-on materials also reduce the language load (or how many spoken and written words are needed to understand language) allowing English learners to participate and practice with content without the need for advanced English language skills.  

Increase fluency in both addition and subtraction with this motivating game. The versatile game board emphasizes the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction. In AddAttack, players compute the results of the two spinners and cover the sum on the board. In SubAttack, players spin for the tens and ones digits, break down the number into two addends, and place a chip at the intersection of the two addends. The race is on to earn points by making rows of three or even four chips! Covers sums to 18. For 2-4 players.


Intended Use: Reinforce skills in addition, subtraction, pattern recognition and communication

Key Objective: (State, National & Common Core Standards) Gain fluency in and mastery of addition and subtraction facts


• Features two games, one for addition and one for subtraction
• Uses inverse processes of addition and subtraction
• Uses same game board for both operations, thereby reinforcing their inverse nature • Supports state and national mathematics standards

Game Structure:

In AddAttack, players spin the spinner, find the sum of the two numbers, and lay chips on the game board to earn points. Points are earned when 3 chips occupy adjacent spaces in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical row. When playing SubAttack, players spin the spinner, find the sum, then decompose the sum into any two desired addends. The winner is the player who has claimed the most addends.


Game Board
Double Spinner
Colored Chips – 30 each of 2 colors SubAttack Chart Master

Grades 2 and Up  

Material Code 0414


Aligns with Application of Common Core State Standards for English Language Learners. 

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