Word Show Vocabulary Game

Students spin the wheel and listen to a correlating clue from the teacher clue card. Guess a letter—if it's there, turn it over! Clues include synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, and more. First student or team to guess the word on the board wins the round. A great way to practice vocabulary, spelling, and letter patterns.


  • Includes fun 29"W x 21"H wall game with 12 letter pockets, 2 write-and-wipe scoreboards, 100 question cards, 45 letter cards, and spinning wheel.
  • Blank letter cards and reproducible templates included for teacher-selected words
  • Assign students clue-card creation

Word Show Words:

abolish, abundant, accelerate, astonishing, attire, awkward, benevolent, bestow, bizarre, boisterous, bulge, chaos, chortle, clarify, coarse, colossal, comical, conceal, conform, considerate, console, consume, contentment, courageous, Includes: criticism, delectable, demolish, depart, desolate, disperse, drowsy, essential, etiquette, exorbitant, fabrication, fascinating, fathom, fidgety, finicky, flawless, flimsy, fracture, frigid, glossy, hideous, identical, innocuous, insist, irrational, jovial, loathe, luminous, manufacture, meander, memorable, misery, misbehavior, moist, momentous, monarch, murmur, novice, numerous, oblivious, opponent, peril, permanent, persevere, ponder, potent, precious, proficient, prohibit, quarrel, quench, rapid, reluctant, rigid, rotund, seize, shriek, silence, slither, stifle, subside, summit, sweltering, tardy, timid, torrent, transport, triumph, trivial, unkempt, vacant, vanish, verify, vigorous, wealthy, yearn

Ages 8 to Adult

Material Code 0233


Aligns with Application of Common Core State Standards for English Language Learners.

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